ASMI provides versatile staff and a fully equipped headquarters office to the following trade associations and professional societies.
The date designated beside the association name is when it joined ASMI as a client.

American Textile Machinery Association (1982)

ATMA® is the only U.S. association devoted to the advancement of U.S.-based manufacturers of textile machinery, equipment and parts. Its member companies represent a significant percentage of total industry volume of capital machines.

American Trauma Society (2012)

ATS is dedicated to the elimination of needless death and disability from injury. For more than 40 years, ATS has served as an advocate for the trauma care system, trauma prevention programs, and the victims of trauma and their families throughout the United States. Its goals are to prevent injury whenever possible, and to ensure optimal treatment of trauma when it does occur.

Association of Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers (2007)

AVEM is a trade association for the vacuum industry, which collects statistical information on the worldwide quarterly sales of vacuum pumps, vacuum instrumentation and vacuum hardware. Data is collected on specific product lines.

Emergency Management Accreditation Program (2017)

EMAP, the voluntary standards, assessment, and accreditation process for disaster preparedness programs throughout the country, fosters excellence and accountability in emergency management and homeland security programs, by establishing credible standards applied in a peer review accreditation process. EMAP was created by a group of national organizations to foster continuous improvement in emergency management capabilities. It provides emergency management programs the opportunity to be recognized for compliance with industry standards, to demonstrate accountability, and to focus attention on areas and issues where resources are needed. EMAP has accredited more than 100 emergency management programs.

Federal Forest Resource Coalition (2020)

FFRC is a unique national coalition of small and large companies and regional trade associations whose members harvest and manufacture wood products, paper, and renewable energy from federal timber sources. With members in more than two dozen states, FFRC is a national voice for sound management of our federal forest. Coalition members employ more than 350,000 workers at more than 650 mills. FFRC works with allied industry, conservation, and local government groups to support a growing and sustainable federal timber program.

International Association of Emergency Managers (1985)

IAEM has more than 5,000 members whose focus is protecting life and property from disaster. Services include a professional certification program, scholarship program, national representation on emergency management issues, monthly newsletter, and more. IAEM sponsors a trade show, EMEX, during its Annual Conference.

International Ballistics Society (2019)

The IBS is concerned with promoting the science of ballistics and providing at the highest level a means of technical interchange and experience in this field. The Annual Symposium is a primary objective of the organization in meeting its goals of technical exchange and enhancing professional opportunities through education and career development. ASMI provides full event management services and will produce the International Ballistics Society Annual Symposium in 2021.

National Association of State EMS Officials (1996)

NASEMSO is an organization comprised of state EMS officials from each state, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. territories. Formed in 1980, it provides leadership and support in the development of national EMS systems, fosters communication among state officials and between state and federal officials, and represents the specific needs and opinions of state EMS systems and their programs on national issues.

National Homeland Security Association (2019)

NHSA sponsors the National Homeland Security Conference, the annual meeting of local homeland security and emergency management professionals from the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. It has become one of the best attended and most highly anticipated homeland security conferences of the year as it focuses on all emergency response disciplines at all levels of government. NHSA will depend on ASMI for conference registration services and accounting and financial management.

Occupational Therapy Compact (2023)

The OTCC is a joint governmental agency established by the interstate compact’s enactment in 10 states; there are currently 27 states that have enacted such legislation.

Process Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (1985)

PEMA® represents manufacturers of equipment to physically or chemically increase the value of a raw material or product. Its 65 members are largely based in the Midwest and Northeast United States. Senior level management meets three times a year on a variety of business topics.

Product Liability Prevention and Defense Group (1988)

PLP&D is a coalition of capital equipment producers from six industry associations.
It is flexibly structured for information sharing to help prevent product-related accidents, avoid litigation, and improve liability defense.