Nicole Livingston

Account Executive

As executive director for the Emergency Management Accreditation Program (EMAP), Nicole provides executive-level supervision and day-to-day management, including: directing daily operations, including assessment and accreditation processes; overseeing preparations for and conduct of EMAP Commission and committee meetings in accordance with the needs of the organization and bylaws; managing the finances of EMAP including budget development, financial management and reporting; development/fundraising, and grants management; hiring, training, and supervising staff in accordance with reporting lines established by the EMAP Commission; and educating and working with stakeholder organizations and decision-makers on related issues and projects. She serves as the primary staff liaison to the EMAP Commission, Program Review Committee and Urban Search & Rescue Project. Nicole holds an MPA from Kentucky State University and worked on a U.S. Senate campaign before starting her career in emergency management. She joined ASMI in 2017.

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