McKenzie Riley

Educational Program Manager

McKenzie is the educational program manager for the American Trauma Society (AMS). Her work focuses on maintaining and expanding in-person, online, and other distance-based educational programming, assisting association committees and councils with design and development of new educational programming, management of certification programs, and promotion of various organizational products and services. McKenzie is uniquely qualified to advance educational programs building on her educational and work experience. She holds a B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of St. Louis (Missouri), and an M.S. in Education Administration from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (Illinois). Prior to joining ASMI, McKenzie was the assistant director of conferences and marketing for George Mason University where she managed an annual short-term and conference guest program resulting in $750,000 revenue in three months. She maintained an 80% occupancy rate for short-term and conference program spaces through recruitment and retention of new and existing customers. Before working at George Mason, McKenzie was the community director at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, where she organized events for more than 1,000 participants, managed operations of a 500-person residential facility, and selected and trained a staff of more than 35 employees. McKenzie joined ASMI in 2018.
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