Kelli Perrotti, MSHSA, BSN, RN

Education & Program Manager

Kelli works primarily with the American Trauma Society (ATS), but also shares her talents with NASEMSO and other ASMI clients. She maintains and expands ATS’ existing in-person, online, and other distance-based educational programming, assisting committees and councils with the design and development of new educational programming, management of a certification program, and promotion of various organization products and services. For NASEMSO, Kelli serves as the staff liaison for the Trauma Managers Council, engages with corporate sponsors, and provides general membership support. Kelli has more than 20 years of experience in nursing, healthcare, public health, and public policy, serving in various roles and environments. Since 2011, she has served as the manager of the Wyoming Trauma Program and System for the Wyoming Department of Health Office of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). From 2009 to 2011, Kelli was a public health nurse and adult health coordinator for Albany County Public Health. Before that, she spent 10 years as a critical care nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at Ivinson Memorial Hospital. Kelli earned a B.S. in Nursing from the University of Wyoming and an M.S. in Health Services Administration from the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy. She holds a Wyoming Nursing License/Multistate Compact (Active) and has certificates in the National Incident Management System 100, 100b, 200, 300, 700, and 800. She was also the secretary of the NASEMSO Trauma Managers Council and on the Steering Committee from 2012-2018. Kelli joined ASMI in 2022.

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