John Osborne, QAS

Editor/Digital Events Specialist

John serves as the staff lead working with relevant committees for IAEM and other clients to successfully deliver digital content. This includes being the primary lead for IAEM virtual conferences and also assisting IAEM as it delivers webinars. As part of the conference team, John manages IAEM conference sponsorships and collaborates with the NASEMSO sponsor administrator. John is an integral member of the IAEM communications team where he is the editor of the IAEM Bulletin (monthly newsletter), including drafting, editing, and formatting content. He assists with editorial duties for the weekly IAEM Dispatch. He collaborates with staff to help prepare client presentations, brochures, web content, and newsletters, as needed. He also participates on the marketing team and helps develop and implement marketing campaigns, especially helping with video production. John is on the team implementing and managing IAEM’s new digital membership experience through the Higher Logic Collaboration and Mentoring Tool. Prior to coming to ASMI, John was the communications director for the CO2 Coalition, managing direct communication and media outreach for the Coalition and the 65 members. He was also responsible for developing the coalition’s social presence and created issue-based campaigns with like minded organizations. His prior positions include digital coordinator, Committee for A Constructive Tomorrow; regional field coordinator, Leadership Institute; and field representative, Leadership Institute. John received a Bachelor’s in Political Science and History from Ashland University (Ohio). He joined ASMI in 2021.

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