Alex Tyeryar

Client Services and Finance Assistance

Alex is a customer service specialist focused on virtual meetings and accounting support. He delivers NASEMSO virtual meetings and ATS courses. Alex also assists with onsite registration and other support needs for live events. In addition, he assists in a variety of financial and corporate tasks working with the accounting department. Since May 2019, Alex has been a finance and accounting intern for ASMI. In this role, he has reconciled bank statements, assisted with managing client investment accounts, handled daily/weekly bank deposits, assisted with meetings management, managed webinars including registration, and created social media posts for clients. Previously, he worked for Remington Mulch, handled mailroom and janitorial services for ASMI, and was a host, waiter, and busboy at the Italian Café. Alex received an M.A. in Communication and Leadership in May 2022 and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance in 2021 from High Point University. Alex joined ASMI in his full-time role in 2022.

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