Hannah Degn
Member Relations/Project Specialist

Hannah works primarily with the NASEMSO and FFRC teams, where she handles the administrative duties for their boards. For NASEMSO, Hannah assists with strategic partnerships and corporate memberships and compiles and issues the NASEMSO Washington Update. She manages FFRC membership, handling their member communications and newsletters. Hannah is on the team creating IAEMís first virtual conference, specifically by contributing to the Marketing Team and Networking Sessions Team. On behalf of ASMI clients, Hannah manages federal contracts, including monthly reporting, reimbursement draw-downs, helps with budgets and paperwork, and supports annual audits. Hannah graduated from Brigham Young University in April 2017 with a B.A. in English. While in college, she had two marketing internships. Prior to coming to ASMI, Hannah was a client development manager with Consero in Bethesda, Maryland, a conference production company, where she worked with the sales and senior team to successfully manage 130 client accounts and deliverables. She also scheduled and managed onsite meetings with approximately 100 attendees per forum. Hannah joined ASMI in 2020.